Meet Mariam Mohammed- Speaker, Educator and Entrepreneur

Cat Nguyen
August 1, 2020
Hi there! So what's your name?

Mariam Mohammed

Where do you call home?


What do you do?

Speaker, Educator, Entrepreneur

Tell us your story

I grew up in Pakistan. A survivor of both sexual assault and domestic violence. Seeing two of my sisters married off with less than 100% consent, I travelled to Australia.While struggling to find part-time work as a migrant to support myself, eating peanut butter sandwiches for most meals for months and couch surfing multiple times, falling into depression at times, I completed my undergraduate degree in Film. Recognising the systemic structures in my way throughout that journey, I decided to complete a master’s degree in Community Development. During this time, I sought out positions that would allow me to work with others like me. I joined the Sydney University Post-Graduate Representative Association as Women’s Officer. Then rose to be co-President in the following year. During this time, I was demonised, racially profiled, targeted. But after a year, I received personal thanks from the Vice-Chancellor for turning the organisation around.I then worked with a non-profit organisation seeking to place refugees and migrants into regional employment around Australia. After a while of a combination of free labour and being compensated less than my male peers, I left the company. This was one of the reasons I started my own company – a social enterprise. A company that pays people what they are worth and, more importantly, teaches people how to earn what they are worth.

If you could go back in time, what would you tell your younger self?

You do not need to 'fit in'. In fact, proudly stand out.2. Go TF to sleep. Your work is not more important than your health, anything rarely ever is.

What does "living freely" mean to you?

It means having the freedom to make my own choices in life.

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