Meet Courtney Bowie- Commercial lawyer supporting ambitious women in business

Dayna Mignone
April 30, 2021
Hi there! So what's your name?

Courtney Bowie

Where do you call home?


What do you do?

I'm a commercial lawyer supporting ambitious women in business

Tell us your story

In 2008, I started my first job in law. I was a good student, but I couldn't wait to graduate and become a real lawyer. I soon discovered that the law is not a very safe space for women, as lawyers or as clients. The boys club was very real. But being able to give back to the community is what kept me going. And then in 2012, when I woke up with a migraine I couldn't shake. I saw lots of doctors, did all the tests, but no one could tell me what was wrong. Until one day a neuropsychologist diagnosed with me severe anxiety and depression. I took a break from my career to get well and to learn more about the world. After I returned, I decided to become my boss. In March 2017, I officially opened Her Lawyer. A virtual law firm for ambitious women in business. We are passionate about making the law accessible, Promoting mental health and wellness, And gender equality. In 2019, I fell pregnant and became very ill. Working was very tough. And then I gave birth to my little boy. And working was still very tough. In 2020, I won the Telstra Business Women's Award for NSW Emerging LeaderAnd then the 30 Under 30 Wellness Advocate Award for my work as the founder of Ladies Who Lawyer, An online community for women in law to support each other. Her Lawyer won 2 Stevie Awards in start-up and innovation categories. The firm continues to go from strength to strength leading the way in innovation, Gender equalityMental health advocacy and supporting more ambitious women in business than ever before.

If you could go back in time, what would you tell your younger self?

Everything happens for a reason. Use your challenges to build the next big thing.

What does "living freely" mean to you?

Living without fear, without constraints and doing what you love.

Where can we follow your work and support you