Creating a safer world for women through the power of people

At Safely, we're working towards a much needed change.
A world where women can feel safe in public.

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The Safely Story

Founded in 2019, Safely is an app designed to help women feel safe and be safe by harnessing the power of people.

No matter how secure a home or workplace is, the moment a woman walks out the door, her safety is left there too. With 2 in 3 women reporting that they feel unsafe outside of their homes and 1 in 3 set to experience physical and / or sexual violence in their lifetime, this issue desperately needed to be addressed.

After spending two decades securing thousands of homes and workplaces in one business and streamlining corporate travel bookings with technology in another, Safely co-founders, Justin Nesvanulica and Ross Fastuca, decided to put their heads together to tackle an issue their existing businesses couldn’t resolve:

After a year of research and design and another 8 months of development and testing, Safely is now available to download on both Apple and Android.

As a business, Safely is committed to making a big shift in society; one where individuals stand behind each other, feel empowered to speak up and work towards changing these horrific public safety statistics for good.

We can't do it alone. Gender based violence is deep-rooted and it's going to take advocacy, education, shifts in attitudes and behaviours, challenging stereotypes and so much more to resolve this global issue. Join us in creating a #saferworld where we can all one day #livefreely.

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Meet the team

Justin Nesvanulica


Loving husband and father to two beautiful boys. I have 20+ years experience in protecting people. Passions outside of work, art, music, architecture and design.

“I feel that society has evolved yet the security industry has still remained heavily focused on securing property.

Effectively what this means is we as an industry are failing to protect, our most valuable asset the moment we step foot out the door… which is ourselves!”

Ross Fastuca


Passionate problem solver and love of technology. Husband and father first. My zen zone = time with family or working with amazing people, solving complex problems

Cat Nguyen

Marketing Maven

If you intersect strategy, marketing and people, that’s where you’ll find me 💁🏻️. Lots of love for my little fam and friends, food and wine & feel good TV shows.

Fiona Lim


Foodie, chess grandmaster, designer, and occasional roller blader. Constantly exploring and developing new ways to engage with people through marketing and design.

Dayna Mignone

Socials & Content Contributor

Curious and ambitious being, chasing dreams big and small. Special love for friends family and donuts

Laura Noonan

Customer Experience Lead

Nerd at heart with a passion for customer service. Outside of work, you can find me spending time with friends & family over good food/wine & walking my puppy Beau.

Cosmin Purcar


A football fanatic who fell in love with coding and still is over more than 6 years now.

Dan Pop


With 7+ years experience in iOS development, working with international clients across Europe and USA, Dan loves to bring exciting products to international markets

Maria Csete

Project Manager

Project Manager with a passion for storytelling. With a degree in international relations, I enjoy being at the intersection of multicultural teams and witness great work come to fruition.

Tudor Cipariu

Passionate Engineering Leader

Promoter of DevOps culture. Energised by Lean & Agile principles. Leading an amazing motivated tech group that I have grown and drive with passion and "people first" mentality

Matei Anechitei


Software engineering student, young professional and technology enthusiast. I love playing cards, magic tricks, puzzles and listening to every single genre of music.

Tudor Alexuc

Creative Geek

Computer science student with a love for innovation and a passion for discovery and helping others. If I'm not building on a new idea , I am usually playing video games with friends.