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You know those moments that fill you with dread, that give you that horrible gut feeling you can’t shake?
When you have to sprint to your car because it’s too dark to walk comfortably, or you’re clutching your keys extra tight. All you want at this moment is for your partner, friend or loved one to be by your side, Safely means they can be.
Know when loved ones feel unsafe
Users can customise a number of triggers and alarms that, when activated, will send an SMS to all guardians informing them that they are in danger or do not feel comfortable.
Respond to emergencies sooner
After receiving an incident SMS, you have the option to check in, join a live stream to monitor what’s going on, access their location, or call emergency services as quickly as possible to escalate the situation.
See and be seen among family
Circles bring us one step closer to protecting the people we care about most. They are a private opt-in group that integrates internal chats, live location sharing, and check-ins, allowing you to guarantee the safety of your loved ones from anywhere at any time.
Signal when your feeling unsafe
The range of triggers and settings eliminates the barriers to seeking help in an emergency. It’s as simple as pressing and holding the Safely button to enter a high alert mode; once released, the trigger is activated, and a safety warning is sent out, alerting all assigned guardians.
Know it’s all captured, just in case.
All live video, audio recordings, and GPS updates are recorded and saved in order to support witnesses in the event of an emergency. The footage is immediately saved to the cloud, ensuring that even if the phone is broken, the data is preserved.
Receive local alerts
Add a location of interest, such as your home, workplace, or gym, and you will receive safety alerts if something happens in these places. This can be customised to local or state parameters, allowing you to change your route or stay on top of possible dangers.
1.29 billion women around the world will experience sexual or physical violence in their lifetime
Safely 2 out of 3Safely 2 out of 3Safely 73%
feel unsafe outside of their homes
have been victims of bullying or harassment
said they’d feel safer if someone they trusted was sent their location, live video and audio in an incident
Safely 2 out of 3
feel unsafe outside of their homes
Safely 2 out of 3
have been victims of bullying or harassment
Safely 73%
said they’d feel safer if someone they trusted was sent their location, live video and audio in an incident
Knowing that Safely is active and my guardians are available should they be needed has provided me with peace of mind when I’m walking home from work/gym/alone.
You deserve to feel
safe and be safe
With Safely on your phone, you won’t need to always clench your car keys or look over our shoulder. If something were to happen, Safely will send an immediate notification to your loved ones, activate the loud sirens and flashing lights on your phone to help ward off perpetrators and start a livestream.
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Imagine if every person had three people watching their back, and each one of those had three watching theirs. We’d be able to go through life without always looking over our shoulders.
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