How to: Make the most out of Safely

Cat Nguyen
August 1, 2020

I’m going to show you how to now use the different Safely protection modes:When you feel like you might be in danger or you’re feeling unsafe, activate high alert mode by pressing and holding the Safely button at the bottom of your screen. Keep holding the Safely button until reaching a safe location.  And at any time you feel threatened, simply release the button to activate an alarm.

If you know your arrival time to a safe location. For example, you’re going for your usual 30 minute run in the morning or heading home on your 40 minute commute afterwork, simply tap the Safely button on the bottom of your screen and select the timer. Here you can set a countdown timer to count down your arrival time. You can turn off the timer with your own pin code at any time but if you don’t and the time runs out, an alarm will be activated.

If you find yourself witnessing an incident or something you feel is worth documenting, use the Safely record function.  Simply tap the Safely button on the bottom of your screen and select the Record. Safely will start recording what’s in front of you with the option to activate an alarm if things escalate.

You can use things like your headphones to trigger an alarm too. Head over to settings to set these up.

That’s all from me.