Yahoo Finance mentions Safely as a Startup to Watch in 2021

Cat Nguyen
August 1, 2020
The Top Startups to Watch

New York, New York, March 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With each passing day, our world is rapidly changing, whether it be in the tech space, how we view fashion or how we consume food and drink. So it should come as no surprise that now is a great time for startups wanting to do things differently to make their mark. Since there are hundreds of new startups launching every day, the real question is - which start-ups are the ones to keep an eye out for?

We have decided to save you the trouble. According to Boost Media Agency the promising new startups of 2021 are those with a vision strongly centred upon improving the lives of others, whether it be through their safety, hobbies, values or nutrition. Check out our list below of the 6 most promising startups to watch out for in 2021.

Safely - (

Founded in 2019, Safely is an app designed to help women feel and be safe by harnessing the power of people. After spending two decades securing thousands of homes and workplaces in one business, and streamlining corporate travel bookings with technology in another, Safely co-founders, Justin Nesvanulica and Ross Fastuca, decided to put their heads together to tackle an issue their existing businesses couldn’t resolve: No matter how secure a home or workplace is, the moment a woman walks out the door, her safety is left there too. With 2 in 3 women reporting that they feel unsafe outside of their homes and 1 in 3 set to experience physical and or sexual violence in their lifetime, this issue desperately needed to be addressed.

After a year of research and design, and another 8 months of development and testing, Safely will launch in March 2021 as an app that transforms a woman’s phone into a potential lifesaver, connecting her to friends, family and emergency services to help keep her safe, wherever she goes. All you need is a mobile phone, and a friend or family member to be your guardian. The more people you have, the bigger your safety network and the safer you will be. You can also protect your loved ones and use the app to be a guardian for them too. As a business, Safely is committed to making a big shift in society; one where individuals stand behind each other, feel empowered to speak up and work towards changing these horrific public safety statistics for good...

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