How it works

Invite your guardians

The more people you have, the bigger your safety network! This simply means there will be more people watching over you.​

When you trigger an alert, they will be notified through both the app and an SMS and will receive your GPS location and a live stream of what’s happening. Your nominated guardians will be able to call for emergency services from the platform - regardless of which country you’re in; saving them the time to search and dial foreign numbers.

The best is that it goes both ways. You can watch over your loved ones too.

Set and use your quick triggers

We know that sometimes you can’t be prepared and having peace of mind shouldn’t require you to always think ahead. In these situations, you can use your quick triggers to sound an alarm and notify your loved ones automatically.

These can be set off when you’re exercising if you have headphones in and all of a sudden your headphones are removed or disconnected.

If you have your phone in your hands, you can also shake it to activate an alarm. 

In a scenario where you’re taken from behind and you fall, the moment your phone hits the ground it can trigger an alarm too!

Feeling unsafe?
Activate Safely

Press and hold your Safely button to activate high alert mode and simply release when you want to set off an alarm.

You can also tap the Safely button to see and select how you’d like to be protected — whether you want to set a timer to go off after a specific amount of time, trigger an immediate alarm or discretely start recording an incident with the option of triggering an alarm if things escalate.​

Alarms can be set to trigger automatically if you shake your phone, have your headphones pulled out or if your phone hits the ground.

Add your points of interest to receive local danger alerts

Add in your home, work, or gym address to get alerts of incidents in these areas. You’ll receive notifications about your points of interest and avoid the risk of compromising your safety.

Your points of interest can also be shared with your guardians, so they can ensure you’re safe at all times.

Knowing that Safely is active and my guardians are available should they be needed has provided me with peace of mind when I’m walking home from work/gym/alone.