Travel Safely

Cat Nguyen
August 1, 2020

There's the exhilaration of waking up at 3am racing to the airport, the delight of a mid-flight mimosa, and the thrill from the moment you step off the plane and realise your millions of miles from home.

However, after nearly two years without travel, we must all admit that no one knows what else to expect from a 2022 holiday. A few months ago we thought Covid-19 was slowly but surely passing by, we thought that travel would return and the world would go back to normal. 

Then came Omicron. 

Covid-19 has certainly made it difficult to plan for the future, let alone have expectations for travelling. However, no matter where you go or who you go with, you can take precuations to guarantee that you're prepared for just about anything.

  1. Sync your itinerary with Safely’s Points of Interest

If you've planned your trip ahead of time and know you'll be visiting the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Louvre, you're in luck. You can add them as Points of interest on Safely. This means that you'll receive local alerts anytime something happens in these locations or around these areas. For example, if there is a riot, or if a huge covid outbreak, or if the street is closed due to a protest. Points of interest will notify you so that you can adjust your schedule and plan ahead.

With the current uncertainty of the world, points of interest will provide you with the security you didn't realise you needed. It will warn you of any threats, updates, or issues you should be aware of before you leave the house.

  1. Add a heads up to your points of interest

If you're anything like me, travelling means receiving several messages from friends, partners, most obviously parents, asking where you are, if you're safe, and what you're doing that day, as well as to contact you every time you leave and return to your hotel safely.

It can be incredibly painful…

When I get to the Eiffel Tower, the first thing I want to do is soak it all in, take photos, and explore. My first impulse is not to tell my parents that the uber driver didn't kidnap me on the way here.

You can select people to receive a heads when you arrive and leave your Points of Interest. This way you can keep them updated without all the fuss. We recommend adding your hotel and airport so they know you arrived home each day and when your about to go offline as you’re in the air.

  1. Set up Circles

Create a circle with the people you are travelling with and one for the people back at home. No matter how small or big the group is, a circle keeps everyone connected. It gives you the security that someone always has your back, giving you the freedom to venture off on your own if you want to.

When you can't pinpoint a loved one's location, there is a heartbreaking feeling of uncertainty. Consider the following scenario: an accident occurs overseas in the location around the area your staying, and you do not respond; your parents call and text you, but they are sent to voicemail. They're terrified, and they're assuming the worst. Instead, they can jump onto Safely and use circles, they can see if your current location matches the accident. Circles is a game changer when it comes to travelling; say goodbye to the constant texts and embrace the independence you've been craving.

It can be hard to imagine what life is like outside the country at the this time, but we encourage everyone to take a trip and travel while we still have the opportunity. 

BUT, don't forget to travel safely.